a) When a person dies the family notifies the parish. A meeting is arranged with the priest once the funeral has been organized with the funeral home. Funerals are being held in the church on weekdays, at 11.00 am. Very seldom in the afternoon. No funerals on Saturday and Sunday.

b) A funeral can be held in church with the body or without the body.

c) The priest will visit the funeral home to prayer with the family. If the priest cannot come to the funeral parlor, he may send some of his parishioners, members of the parish prayer group, to say a special prayer for the deceased person.

d) A funeral can be celebrated with or without Holy Mass. If a Funeral is celebrated at a funeral home the Mass cannot be celebrated; it will be a funeral rite outside Holy Mass.

e) Priests do not accompany the deceased person to the cemetery. At the cemetery there is a deacon, or a Catholic lay ministers authorized to say prayers for the deceased people and to bless the graves.