September 03 – XXII Sunday in Ordinary time

The readings for the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A focus on our natural longing for God. In the first reading Jeremiah realizes he cannot escape his burning desire for God. The second reading tells us that we must allow ourselves to be transformed to be one with Christ. And in the gospel Jesus explains that following him means making sacrifices. Are we willing to do what it takes to be a disciple?

  • Unwavering Resolve: In the first reading, Jeremiah affirms his commitment to proclaiming God’s message despite the challenges. This theme reflects the determination to persevere in one’s calling, even in the face of adversity.
  • Living Sacrifice: The second reading encourages believers to present themselves as living sacrifices to God. This theme emphasizes the idea of offering one’s whole life in dedicated service to God.
  • Suffering Messiah: The gospel highlights Jesus’ prediction of His own suffering, death, and resurrection. This theme emphasizes the sacrificial aspect of His mission.
  • Human Ambitions vs. God’s Will: Jesus rebukes Peter for opposing His path of suffering. This theme underscores the contrast between human desires and God’s divine plan.
  • Self-Denial and Cross-Bearing: Jesus talks about taking up the cross to follow Him. This theme stresses the need for self-denial and a willingness to embrace difficulties for the sake of Christ.
  • Sacrificing Earthly Gain: Jesus mentions gaining the world but losing one’s soul. This theme highlights the importance of prioritizing eternal values over temporary worldly gains.
  • Judgment and Reward: The passage discusses the Son of Man coming to reward each person according to their deeds. This theme emphasizes accountability and the ultimate consequences of one’s choices.

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