History of our Church

In the late 1960's a priest dreamed of building an Italian parish in the growing Italian community in the Ville LaSalle area on the island of Montreal. John Zabotto, along with the Italians of LaSalle, went in search of land for a future church in this community. After an extensive search, they located an area around Newman boulevard and Thierry, which corresponded to the expectations of the ever growing Italian presence in the area.

The first Madre dei Cristiani Church was designed by Christian Bracco Pero and was built by engineer Rodolfo De Paoli in 1970. In 1972, Rodolfo De Paol eng., was engaged to build the parsonage adjoining the church. The first Mass was celebrated in March 1970 in honor of Mary, Mother of All Christians. For the first two years of the Consolata missionary priests served the Community. Since 1972, the Scalabrini Fathers have performed this task. At first, the Mother of All Christian Mission was a branch of St. John Bosco Parish in Ville Emard, and then 'become the driving force and vital for all Italians of the south-west sector of Montreal.

With the increasing numbers in population and its growing needs in the early 1990s, it was decided to build a new church that would more closely fit the growing spiritual reality and social life of this community of about 4000 families.

Therefore, after collecting enough funds and having received approval from the bishop of Montreal, the construction process of the new building commenced under the guidance of the young parish priest Father Ruggiero. The old church built on April 17, 1999 was demolished and the new building was inaugurated March 18, 2000.

On April 9, 2005 the Church was consecrated.