a) When a person dies the family notifies the parish after visiting the funeral parlor. Funerals are being held in church on weekdays, in the morning. Very seldom a funeral is being held on Saturday. No funerals on Sunday.

b) A funeral can be held in church with the body or without the body.

c) If the body is exposed in a funeral parlor, the priest will come the evening before the funeral to say a prayer and to meet the family. If the priest cannot come to the funeral parlor, he will send some of his parishioners, members of the parish prayer group, to say a special prayer for the deceased person.

d) A funeral can be celebrated in church with or without the celebration of the Mass. If celebrated in a Chapel of a funeral home the Mass cannot be celebrated; only special prayers can be said.

e) Priests do not accompany the deceased person to the cemetery. At the cemetery there is always a deacon, or some Catholic lay ministers authorized to say prayers for the deceased people and to bless the graves.